Paphos in Winter

paphos in winter

Should you visit Paphos in winter?

While Cyprus is often considered a summer destination, it has plenty to offer during the colder months, too.

Also, with fewer tourists around, hotels and flights become more affordable, making it a perfect time to enjoy Paphos on a budget.

Here’s what you need to know before you pack your warm socks.

9 Things to Do in Paphos in Winter

Cyprus Ski Club

Paphos might not be the first place you think of for skiing, but there’s actually a small ski site about 80 kilometers away.

The site typically opens from January to March (depending on weather) and features four slopes and ski lifts.

You’ll also find a restaurant, café, ski school, and even a ski shop.

We suggest checking their live webcam feed for up-to-date slope conditions and reviewing the road conditions before heading out.

In case you rent a car, be sure to pick up snow chains at Superhome Center.

If you plan to stay overnight, Troodos Hotel offers comfortable rooms with breathtaking mountain views.


Troodos Mountains

Here’s a great option for a guided tour of the stunning Troodos mountains and nearby villages.

It starts with a visit to Aphrodite’s Rock, known as the birthplace of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

From there, you’ll make your way to the Troodos mountains, exploring the charming villages of Lofou and Omodos.

The tour also includes stops at the famous Timios Stavros Monastery and the picturesque Millomeris Waterfalls.

You’ll then head to Lambouri Winery for delightful cheese and wine tastings, followed by a well-deserved lunch break in Platres to round off the journey.

Lambouri Winery

Not up for a full-day tour?

For only 10 euros per person (and a 1-hour drive), you can personally visit Lambouri Winery, see how they make their wine, and taste some of their delicious drinks and snacks.

If you’d like, you can also purchase a wine bottle to take back to your hotel (but remember not to bring it on the plane).

Their wines start at around 7 euros, and they have a few kosher options as well, although these aren’t available for tasting.


Sparti Rope Park

Sparti Rope Park is located in Pano Platres and boasts over 250 activities and games for kids aged two and up.

Even though there’s no entrance fee, the pricing for the courses starts at 25 euros for children and goes up to 75 euros for adults, making it a bit pricey.

On the other hand, winter is perhaps the best time to visit the park because it’s less crowded and not as hot.

Just keep in mind that it’s closed in January and February.


Sofia And Andreas Traditional House

For a unique and authentic experience, Sofia and Andreas Traditional House is a must-visit.

This cozy family restaurant sits in Letymvou village, a quick 25-minute drive from Paphos, offering a taste of Cypriot culture and traditions.

It serves homemade ravioli, fresh salads, rice, slow-cooked lamb, potatoes, and more.

If you get there early, you might see Sofia making her homemade bread and famous halloumi cheese!

Before coming, make sure to give them a call, or simply book this tour (which also swings by a Loukoumia factory and a pottery shop in Koloni).


Paphos Zoo

Paphos Zoo is a wonderful place to spend a winter day.

The cooler, less humid weather means animals won’t hide away as much, giving you more opportunities to feed and interact with them.

That said, you probably want to avoid rainy days as some parts of the zoo aren’t completely covered.


Cosmic World

Cosmic World is another spot to visit with kids, especially on rainy days when outdoor attractions aren’t an option.

This indoor playground, found near the mall, has a wide range of exciting activities for children of all ages, including trampolines, bumpers cars, and a bowling alley.

The entry fee for kids is only 5 euros for the entire day, but there are extra charges for some games.

If the weather clears up and you’re looking for outdoor fun, there’s an excellent karting center in Coral Bay, as well as a fantastic mini golf course in Yeroskipou.


The Edro III Shipwreck

One of the iconic sights in Paphos is the Edro III shipwreck, which got stuck during a storm in 2011 and has been sitting half underwater ever since.

If the weather is good, you can walk up to it and snap a few Instagram-worthy pictures.

edro III shipwrack
The ship on a clear day

Otherwise, we recommend grabbing a seat at the nearby Oniro by the Sea restaurant and taking in the lovely view of the ship.


Christmas Markets

To boost winter tourism, the Ministry of Culture runs a yearly project where seven villages and towns in Cyprus light up with the Christmas spirit.

We’re talking sparkling Christmas lights, beautifully decorated trees, local product stands, gastronomy and crafting workshops, guided village tours, and much, much more.

The villages are Agros, Derynia, Fikardou, Lefkara, Kalopanagiotis, Kyperounta, and Laiki Geitonia.

Although they aren’t very close to Paphos, their Christmas markets are well worth the drive.

If possible, try to visit more than one village as they all have their own unique charm and festive vibe.

The holiday celebrations usually take place from November to January.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Paphos Like in Winter?

Unlike the hot summers in Paphos, the winters are generally more comfortable.

The season spans from November through February, with occasional rainfall, particularly in December and January.

Yet, most days are sunny with pleasant weather for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Does Paphos Close For Winter?

No, Paphos does not close for winter.

In fact, many restaurants, shops, and cultural sites remain open for visitors year-round, though they may not be as busy as usual.

However, it’s common for some tourist attractions, seasonal businesses, or outdoor venues to have reduced hours or temporary closures.

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