Plugs in Cyprus

plugs in cyprus

When planning a vacation, there’s more to consider than just picking the perfect accommodation and booking flights.

While it may seem like a small consideration, knowing the correct plug type at your destination and having the appropriate adapters can prevent frustration and ensure that your electronic devices stay powered throughout your travels.

What Plugs Are Used in Cyprus?

But are the plugs in Cyprus really different from those found in the rest of the EU?

Well, across most European countries, you’ll typically find a Type H electrical socket, distinguished by its two or three round pins. In Cyprus, however, we use the British Type G socket, which features three rectangular pins.

This means that most people (except those from the UK) will need a power adapter to charge their phones or laptops.

Despite this discrepancy, keep in mind that the voltage across Europe (including Cyprus) remains consistent, hovering around 220-240V. Additionally, the frequency is uniform at 50Hz.

Therefore, you won’t need anything else as long as your devices are compatible with the specified voltage range.

If you’re traveling from the US, where the standard voltage is 120V, you’ll likely need both a power adapter and a voltage converter to ensure compatibility with the electrical outlets in Cyprus.

Commonly Used Power Adapters

Now, let’s understand the differences between the various types of adapters:

  • The basic adapter features a two-pin input and isn’t designed for plugs with ground pins. This adapter is commonly used with modern chargers.
  • Alternatively, there’s a universal adapter that works across various countries, accommodating all types of existing outlets. There’s also another universal adapter, albeit less commonly found, suitable only for Type G sockets.

This is what the basic adapter looks like:

And this is what the universal adapter looks like:

Where Can I Find These Adapters?

One easy option is to look for an adapter at a nearby kiosk or supermarket in Paphos.

These spots typically offer a small selection of power adapters, from basic to universal, with prices varying between 2.5 to 5 euros, depending on the type and quality.

Another place to find basic adapters is at the Jumbo store located in the Kings Avenue Mall.

If you don’t mind waiting for delivery, you can check out the adapters on the AliExpress website. A basic adapter on the platform generally come in at just under 1.5 euros, while a universal adapter is priced around 4.5 euros.

It’s also worth noting that many hotels in Paphos are happy to lend adapters upon request, often asking for a small deposit in return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Plugs in Cyprus the Same as the UK?

Yes, plugs in Cyprus are the same as those used in the United Kingdom (UK). Therefore, electrical devices with UK plugs can be directly plugged into outlets in Cyprus without the need for an adapter.

Why Does Cyprus Use UK Plugs?

Cyprus uses UK plugs primarily because of its historical ties with Britain. During its time as a British colony, Cyprus adopted British standards, including electrical systems and plug designs.

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