Paphos Castle

paphos castle

Paphos Castle, located at the end of the promenade, is one of the city’s top tourist spots.

The site is open to visitors year-round (except on public holidays) with a small entrance fee that supports its maintenance and upkeep.

It’s also worth noting that while the ground floor is accessible to strollers and wheelchairs, the roof isn’t.

On a personal note, the castle isn’t very big and some might find it a bit dull. Besides a few locked rooms, there’s nothing particularly special to see inside.

However, if you’re into history or just enjoy a good view, you’ll love the ancient architecture and the stunning views of Paphos Harbour from the upper floor!

The History of Paphos Castle

Paphos Castle, originally built as a Byzantine fortress in the medieval period, was designed to protect the harbour and oversee incoming ships.

After being destroyed by an earthquake in 1222, the French rulers built a new fortress with two towers in the mid-13th century.

This structure was modified several times after the Genoese (essentially Italians), conquered Paphos in 1373.

But In the 15th century, an earthquake demolished one of the castle’s towers.

In 1570, fearing an Ottoman (Turkish) invasion, the Venetian rulers (also from Italy) destroyed the second tower.

Despite their efforts, in the 16th century, the Ottomans captured the entire region.

In fact, the current structure of Paphos Castle as we know it is a reconstruction of the western tower and the surrounding moat.

The Ottomans used the lower floors of the castle as a prison and installed 12 cannons on the upper floor to defend the harbour.

After the Ottomans gave up control to the British in 1878, the castle was used as a salt warehouse until it was later recognized as a historical site.

inside paphos castle
Inside Paphos Castle

Events at Paphos Castle

Today, Paphos Castle serves as a tourist attraction and hosts various events and art exhibitions throughout the year, such as:

  • Aphrodite Festival – This annual festival, usually held from late August to early September, features opera performances in the castle’s open courtyard.
  • Classic Car Show – Every year, the Paphos Classic Vehicle Club hosts this free event outside the castle, welcoming collectors, car lovers, and curious tourists alike.

Tickets to Paphos Castle

Admission to the castle is 2.5 euros, with children under 12 entering for free when accompanied by an adult.

The ticket is good for the entire day, allowing you to leave and return as often as you’d like.

Currently, tickets can only be purchased on-site.

Paphos Castle Tours

While there isn’t an official tour, some guided Segway tours include a stop at the castle along with visits to the archaeological park and other nearby sites.

How to Get to Paphos Castle


To get to Paphos castle from the Old Town, take bus route 610 from Karavella Station to the main harbour bus station.

From Universal, take bus route 603 to the main station at Tombs of the Kings road, then switch to route 611 to the harbour.

From Chloraka or Coral Bay, take bus route 615 to the Tombs of the Kings station and switch to route 611. From Yeroskipou, simply take route 611 directly.


A taxi to Paphos Castle from within Paphos costs about 10-12 euros, while a taxi from one of the surrounding villages (like Yeroskipou and Chloraka) costs between 12-15 euros.


For those arriving by car, there’s free parking available at the harbour. We’ve provided the castle’s location below.

Other Details


Opening Hours

April 16 to September 15: 08:30-19:30
September 16 to April 15: 08:30-17:00


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